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My Name is Region, For We Are Many.

I live somewhere. Outside this very house is somewhere. No, honest, I can see it out my window. Somewhere. An actual place. So why doesn’t comedy? Remember that Executive Comedy Editor for Commissioning Editor Executives? Well, at a comedy briefing … Continue reading

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Zoltan, Hound of Dracula Vs Zombieland

Well hello there, dog flashback. That’s a dog remembering how it became a vampire. Just think about that for a second. The chance to watch the visual memories of a dead dog as its unliving brain replays its own death … Continue reading

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Why I Love Sketch Shows

I love sketch shows. Like, proper love them. I’d draw them nude on a big ship. I’d return from death to reach round and rub mud into their hands. I’d carry them through a factory in my smashing white suit. … Continue reading

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Ratman Vs Tokyo Gore Police

Italian Horror, you’ve got to love it. Oh look there’s a fat Italian actor who looks like he’s been stung repeatedly in the face by wasps. That’ll be the wasps hanging around the pakora plate at the lunch wagon. Fuckin … Continue reading

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