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Dread Vs Daybreakers

Hey you guys, where’s the joy? At any time during the writing or preparing or shooting or editing did you rub your hands in idiotic glee? Did you ever giggle like a 5-year-old hiding a dog shit in their parents’ … Continue reading

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Survival of the Dead Vs Cabin Fever 2

George, George, George. Survival Of The Dead? Comedy? Really? So many have taken your zombie ball and run with it that you’re reduced to clunky, tortured, cheapo comedy? That special gift you made especially for me is now a prop … Continue reading

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The Children Rant

Hey The Children, c’mere a minute. Here’s the thing…The Children under ten years old aren’t scary. Unless you do something fucking smart, or fun, with them, I’m not going to be scared by an evil that can be shooed away … Continue reading

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Panel Show Rant

Two reasons for this rant. The pisspoorness of this piece on panel shows and something an Assistant Comedy Commissioner said. Or was it a Comedy Assistant Commissioner? I forget. Are they meant to assist comedy in getting commissions, assist the … Continue reading

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